Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is made possible by a technology known as virtualization. Virtualization enables the creation of a simulated, digital-only "virtual" computer that behaves like a physical computer with its own hardware. A virtual machine is the technical term for such a computer. When properly implemented, virtual machines on the same host machine are sandboxed from one another and do not interact at all. Virtual machines also make better use of the hardware that hosts them. By running multiple virtual machines at the same time, one server becomes many servers, and a data centre becomes a network of data centres capable of serving multiple organisations. As a result, cloud providers can provide access to their servers to far more customers at once than they would otherwise be able to, and they can do so at a low cost.

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Our Solutions

With each industry hoping to saddle the force of cloud and accomplish substantially more from their cloud ventures, banjo tech has cooperated with driving cloud stage suppliers to give undertakings reason driven, versatile and tough cloud change.

Key features included:

Expanding on long stretches of industry information and customer's relevant information, banjo tech coordinates industry-explicit ground breaking business arrangements that are fuelled by cutting edge cloud innovations

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